Confirming the optional transition date

At their March 7 meeting, the FASB affirmed the decision proposed in their January exposure draft to allow implementation of ASC 842 with no restatement of prior periods. If chosen, comparative years in the financial reports will be inconsistent with the current year, which can make it more difficult to understand changes between years, but obviously makes preparing the financial reports simpler.

The FASB clarified that if the reporting entity implements with no restatements, disclosures for prior years should be in accordance with ASC 840 (FAS 13). So disclosures may need to be presented two different ways, for prior and current years.

The exposure draft also included a proposed option for lessors to combine lease and nonlease components for operating leases. Discussion on this item was postponed to a later date. The official Accounting Standards Update will not be published until the lessor proposal is finalized. However, as I understand it, the restatement decision is final, so reporting entities can start making their plans based on it.